About Us

Founded by Product Recall veteran Neil Evans in 2022, BluNiche – operating out of the London Market – is all about providing exceptional Product Recall insurance for clients looking for balance sheet protection and crisis management in the event of a recall.

What is Product Recall insurance?

Product Recall insurance covers the expenses associated with recalling a product from the market once it has been released to the public. A Product Recall policy will typically pay for loss of profits in addition to the costs/expenses incurred during a process of recall due to defect or contamination, as well as providing the services of a crisis management consultant to help manage an incident.

Why BluNiche is different?

We know our brokers and clients want clarity of policy wording and pricing that reflects the risk, together with flexibility and innovation. This is why we have developed a Product Recall policy that is clear and easy to read, while data-driven underwriting allows us to evaluate each risk more accurately reflected in the premiums we charge. In addition, we can offer more than 30 years of Product Recall underwriting experience.

BluNiche provides Product Recall protection for:

  • Food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, packaging, retailers, finished goods
  • Auto component manufacturers

Our parent company

Committed to bringing a fresh, new approach to Product Recall we’re backed by our parent company NuVenture International – part of the Xceedance group of companies (an award-winning global insurance consulting, a provider of strategic operations support, technology and data services, and an insurtech company) – while our capacity is provided by A+ (S&P) rated Lloyd’s syndicates, led by (re)insurance group Chaucer.

If you would like to find out more about how BluNiche can help you and your clients,
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